Aliiptisam has been missing in the entertainment scene.

She hit the internet after fans of the show noted she didn't speak English very well. Aliiptisam trended after saying sicho instead of psycho and from then on she has managed to get a storyline as Sicho in the famous Kenyan reality show, Nairobi D.

If you have missed her be sure you will never miss her at the bar in Dusit. I don't know what she is always doing there but hey, life is short, enjoy it when you can.

One thing I have to commend Instagram for doing is creating the ' ask me a question' segment, it gives celebrities a platform to open up to their fans and Aliiptisam is no exception.

One fan asked her if she mast3rbat3s and she had a very short and precise answer. According to Sicho, that is not enough or her. She is not about the half-baked cake at all. She answered saying:

not enough for me

A lady who is not afraid to let the world know her se3ual orientation and preference.

Clearly Mustafa aka Lipunda satisfies her very well because self-pleasure is nowhere in the picture.

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We are still waiting for another season of Nairobi D as promised by casts and producers and we hope Sicho will be there because she gave us a good laugh.