Vera and Otile Brown have too much drama going on in their lives.

Remember the last episode of their reality show was when the two were spotted in Dubai together and everyone was just tired of their stunts in an attempt to seek attention from the fans.

Well, Vera Sidika is still sharing receipts of their conversation to make sure we all understand she was not dickmatized and her song Nalia was a plan she had for the longest time, nothing to do with Otile Brown.

She has exposed Otile for having a weak game when it comes to bedroom matters. Apparently, he does not satisfy her and hence her incessant demands for msolokombo.

On top of that Vera says Otile Brown does not know how to prepare a woman because he just rushes in to finish fast and first. This was an issue they discussed via text after Otile Brown brought up the story that Vera is a s3x addict.

I do not think explaining will help pass the message clearly so enjoy the read of their receipts below:

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After they had aired out all their sexual grievances, Otile Brown told her not to expose the messages between the two heck I wouldn't want mine exposed too. He said:

anyway. cool, please delete those messages, if they got someone's hands it would be fvcked up

Vera has had enough of fans telling her she had been dickmatized and so in the heat of her anger moment, she exposed them saying instead of being concerned about the messages going viral, he should be improving his s3x game.

all He cared about conversation getting in someone's hand and not even how to improve his s3x game

Here is a screenshot: