Sheila Kwamboka has become Kenyan millennials favorite media personality.

It's very hard to see Kwambox' ugly side because most of the time she is happy and smiling.

She posted a picture enjoying the sun away from the cold Nairobi weather in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and someone on the comment section decided to mess up Kwamboka's day.

One Millie commented on the picture telling Sheila to wear a push-up bra.

vaa push bra

That comment cut short Kwamboka's vacay and she sent a reply to the hatter on the comment section saying:

I'm comfortable with myself as I am but because my breasts are upsetting you I should put on a be. I feel like this is more for you than it is for me. love yourself Millie. life is too short for negativity.

Clearly, Kwamboka was not going to give Millie a chance to just be mean on her timeline. We must also applaud Kwambox for sending in a very simple response and not stooping low to throw insults.

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With all these women being trolled on social media, we do hope things change in 2019.