Bridget Achieng is heavily pregnant and looking very beautiful.

She is halfway through her pregnancy and as much as she is enjoying it, she posted on social media saying she just wants life to go back to normal.

Of course, pregnancy can get tough even from other celebrities stories like Janet Mbugua who shared her journey.

Waaah, today guys, I had a long a*s day can I just give birth already?  need to go back to my normal self and days.

One thing Bridget does not like is the fact that her nose has grown too much and there are many things she can no eat.

Waahh, I'm tired, tired, tired,

Bridget Achieng is worried about how she looks to a point she is asking her fans if she looks homeless.

Don't i look homeless. My nose is two times bigger, I cannot eat... eaish

She revealed the gender of her bay a week ago and so many people on the comment section where happy for her and congratulate her in her journey as a new mother.

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We do hope Bridget will survive this last leg of her pregnancy and give birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy and we cannot wait to see her motherhood journey.