Tusker Project Fame 5 winner Ruth Matete says she wronged God by participating in Tusker Project Fame, a show that was sponsored by an alcohol brand.

Speaking to Massawe, the praise and worship leader at House of Grace Church said she got into TPF at a time when she was facing frustrations in her life.

Around that time, I was so stressed and I had financial difficulties. It was not a good gesture as a Christian. Even then, I knew I was wrong, but because in life we have ups and downs, no one should lie to you that after salvation everything is fine. I had moved out of my father's house, although I was still in school. It was not easy and my dad is a very strict dad, who would only give me a small amount of money, unlike what I expected

Matete said some of her friends let her down.

I had lost friends. When I love, I love hard, and so I disagreed with my girlfriends, who I expected so much from but were not there for me

She said.

"At that time, one of my friends advised me to try Tusker Project Fame. I hesitated but finally ended up going because of the frustrations of life, without even thinking about my salvation life," she said.

Matete won Sh5 million from the show in 2012, and she says she was mocked for giving a tenth of the prize money to the church as tithe.

"After TPF, there were so many gigs for me. Most people did not know I was saved. When I went back to church, there was a lot of drama, but I admitted I was wrong," she said.

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In a recent interview, Ruth revealed she is set to walk down the aisle with a Nigerian man of God.

I hoped God would bring me a man who would stay, someone who would understand my vision, and He has finally answered my prayers, as I am getting married

The man she is set to marry is John Apewajoye, a contemporary gospel music minister and worship leader better known as Beloved John.