2018 is almost coming to an end but before then, we take a look at all the fancy hair styles that Vera Sidika has rocked.

From wigs to natural hair the boss lady knows how to keep it short and sweet, after all there is nothing as beautiful as a confident woman.

A wise man once said

"All you need is love and great hair'

When most of us are busy rewashing our weaves and wigs, Vera does not mind spending thousands on her hair.

In a past post Vera had hinted on how much she spends on weaves, claiming she spends over Sh450, 000 on her weaves.

She caused uproar on Twitter after declaring that she  forks out  Sh450,000 on her weaves. Yes, Sh0.45 million.

She claims that her weaves are not Brazilian, Indian or Peruvian which is why they are pricey.

She posted the tweet for the benefit of girls who would like to look like her.

Below are photos of her rocking different weaves and aren't they classy? Love her or hate her, gal got class