Your favourite celebrity was probably in the list of 2018 newbie parents. 2018 has been a year of so much but one thing that stood out was the number of new celebrity parents

Celebrities like Lillian Muli and Janet Mbugua are some of the parents who gave us a ran down of their whole journey to the end. So many mothers who look up to them gained a lot of lessons from the celebrities and some shocked us.

Well, here are a few of your favourite celebrities who made it to be mum or dad:

  1. Janet Mbugua

2. Lillian Muli

3. Lulu Hassan

4. Njugush

6. Bahati and Diana Marua

Also read:

7. Faith Muturi

8. Joy Doreen Birra

9. Nick Mutuma

10. Karis

11. Mother in Law Ninja

12. Mwanaisha Chizuga

would like to send best wishes in their new chapter in life.