Nyashinski has good music, actually great music and this is no secret.

Recently, Kenyan artistes sparked online conversations and debates with many media personalities.

It all had to do with who is not doing a good job in promoting Kenyan music.

Despite the debate going on in social media about local Kenyan music, we still do appreciate the hard work artistes put in to create content that we will enjoy.

It has been rumored that Nyashinski uses something that catalyzes his creativity hence why he releases big tune after big tune.

Nyash posted a video on social media of him singing to his 1.7 million hit song, Free and his fans dropped comments below saying they noticed more than just a good voice and great lyrics.

The fans are suggesting that Nyashinski has been smoking some good weed, what they are calling ‘mboga’ hence the reason why his eyes are small in the video and he looks really happy.

Well, in an exclusive interview with The Real Nyashinski, he responded to his fans via .

He dismissed the interview with a burst of hearty laughter saying:

thanks for the interview and have a good day

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So we still do not know if he is a stoner or not. He might have just woken up and was in a good mood to sing his jam.