Most of you know Carol Radul as the voice that changed the way Kenyan radio stations did their sports shows.

She is the voice of sports banter and has a show on Kiss FM, Kenya's number one hit music station every Saturday afternoon.

I know her as the lady that supports the garbage team known as Arsenal. Then again, it could be worse, a lot worse, she could have been a Man United supporter.

Yesterday afternoon, many listeners probably couldnae tell that she was having an issue while on air as she put on a brave face and did her show, The Score, albeit with no small breathing complication.

You see, Carol Radull contracted asthma as an adult 4 years ago and it flares up when the weather changes and unfortunately, it struck when she was on the air.

How do I know all this? Well, I spoke to her and she was sure to insist she is doing fine, she just needed nebulisation to open up her airwaves and voila, she was right as rain.

The talking she did on her talk show was what exacerbated her asthma.

Also, just FYI, getting asthma as an adult is a lot worse than it is when you contract it as a child because it is a lot harder to grow out of and manage. All in all, Carol Radull is doing just fine.

And because I know you have no idea what nebulisation is, allow me to Google for you exactly what it involves:

Nebulisation is a method of converting a medicine or solution into an aerosol, which is inhaled directly into the lungs.