We all have those items that we need to carry along with us for work to be a productive undertaking. For some of us, these would be accessories. For others still, these would be actual tools of the trade.

In my case, it is a few knick-knacks; a phone, my watch, an iPod and my specs. I had a rather insightful chat with Cate Sidede where her workday essentials came up. Some were revealing while others were expected.

I was particularly interested in the fact that she sees the value in unwinding, a naughty little addition on her everyday office essentials that I might actually consider using to help me alleviate work-related stress.

Enough of my prattling, let's get down to Cate Sidede's workday essentials:

1. Prayer - to ask for continued blessings and lay out my intentions of the day.
2. Jayride - nothing better than a car turn up to work, catching vibes with Mary and Jane
3. Fruits - watermelons, pineapples, apples, grapes, mangos...perfection!!
4. Water - cause I talk all day and you need to stay hydrated right?!
5. Phone / Ipad / Laptop - have to have all three with me every day, otherwise, I feel like I left my child at home!
6. Wet wipes / Tissues / Lotion  - because at some point of the day you will need one.....or all three!
7. A hug! - I literally hug everyone, even my boss! A hug or ten a day keeps bad vibes away......try it!
8. An after work session! - #Happy420
What is on your workday essentials? Let us know in the comment section.