80 per cent of working out is done in the kitchen. The other 20 per cent is done in the gym.

These words might seem oxymoronic to most lay people, but I guarantee you that if you talk to a fitness instructor or a gym bro, they will tell you that exact same advice.

So if you are a skinny guy who is looking to bulk up, I have some advice for you having been at that very same place not too long ago.

Wiz Khalifa is probably the most prominent personality to come to mind when you think of this type of transformation and it really isn't rocket science but it does need no small measure of dedication and will.

Actually, that isn't saying much because everything involving the gym is fuelled by willpower.

But let us break down what it would take for you to bulk up into small manageable portions for you or a bro you know who wants to put on some weight:

#1. exercise

Nothing does more to increase your appetite quite like exercising. Food fuels your body. You hit the gym and exercise, you "tear" muscles and you need to eat adequately to rebuild those muscles. Add to that, you need to keep your caloric intake high. Your body understands this on a basic, visceral level and will make the changes necessary for you to get the nutrients you need so it increases your appetite.

#2. eat smaller portions more often

Instead of eating 3 meals, eat 7 smaller meals. Wake up, (assuming you wake up at 5 am) drink water and take a boiled egg or two. At 8 am, eat something. At 11 am, eat a small snack again. Have your lunch and by now you get the point. This works better because your body can only absorb so much nutrients. Breaking your meals and spreading them out helps to get your body to maximise nutrient absorption. This works especially well if you go to the gym, pick heavy things up and put them back down.

#3. focus on compound lifts

What is a compound lift you ask? That's easy to answer, it is when you perform exercises that put multiple muscle groups (the biggest in your body) to task. These exercises include bench press, Romanian deadlifts, squats, standing military press.

These exercises though broken down into classes such as chest, back, leg and shoulder engage most of your muscles.

#4. take a supplement

Sometimes, our metabolic rates work against our hard work at bulking up. This is when supplementing your nutritional intake becomes important. You could talk to any gym bro about gym science and he will tell you to try protein whey. You should however not take this advice lightly. Know thyself. if you, like me are lactose intolerant, then find out which whey is lactose-free. You might also like to have a look at mass gainers.

The one thing I would, however, like to warn you about is that all these things work in tandem with actually working out. And remember, it's not meant to be easy. Stick the course and you will see results.