I do not celebrate my birthday. I don't know why I was raised this way but as an adult, I have even less reason to mark the occasion when my mortality becomes abundantly clear. I mean, sure, I have done another complete revolution around the sun but I often just prefer to do something chill with my 3 friends and family.

And don't try and act like being indifferent about your birthday is also your type of thing because I am on these Instagrams fam and I see all of you wildin' out like a mutha!

I see all of you with those cheesy birthday balloons that announce you as a liar because there is no way you are just turning 30 when you look like you're going on 49!

I am often in studio with Adelle and Shaffie in the weeks leading up to their birthdays and they love celebrating their birthdays. I spend copious amounts of time in the studio listening to Adelle's birthday plans and the hints she drops about the gifts she wants... If Adelle had her way, February 5th would be a public holiday. More power to her.

And Shaffie is no different. So you can imagine how surprised I was to find out that Shaffie Weru plans to do absolutely nothing for his birthday.

Omo baller Shaffie Weru is not doing anything for his birthday? Mr "I live fast and like fast money"? How now?!

I pressed him for a reason why and he casually quipped:

It's Ramadhan bro. I am not partying or doing anything. In fact, I am not even taking on gigs other than the ones I had prior to Ramadhan.

So there you have it. Shaffie intends to have a quiet birthday. And how old is he turning you ask? I withheld this tidbit till you get to the end of the article so here you go: 38 years young.