Music is life for some people.

It is a universal language, a source of income to some. Music is everything.

You probably know that music can affect your mood but how influential is music in your life.

Listening to a specific genre of music can affect your mood. Researchers Jacob Jolij and Maaike Merus conducted research with the University of Groningen.

They discovered that different genres of music affect your visual perception. The study was designed to see how music and the brain interact.

The subjects were given different types of faces to indicate whether they made then happy or sad.

When they were shown a neutral face the still chose sad and happy faces depending on how the music made them feel.

According to the research done by the university of Miami, listening to a specific genre of music can help you with the productivity in your work.

These include classical music, nature sounds, epic music, jazz and blues have been proven to help you with the productivity of your work.

So for those of us who have been throwing dirt on Beethoven and John Coltrane, they just might help you get that promotion you want.

A research done by Iowa State University showed that when someone listens to heavy metal rock they don't necessarily become aggressive.

It completely depends on the individual.

Some people get a relaxed mood and it helps them with their social anxiety.

If your one person who suffers from social anxiety Metallica might actually help you out.

You know that song that's universally loved and has this infectious sound that just so happens to lift your spirits the type of song that makes birds sing, well it might not have the same effect on you.

Its all based on your preference.

If you actually like a song and you enjoy listening to it, It can actually make you happy.

When you listen to a song that some people don't like or they think is garbage it doesn't necessarily mean that it'll have the same effect on you.

In your case, it actually does the opposite if you love it.