We've all gone to several restaurants in our life times.

Some have pretty good dishes, others don't and some are just meh, I''m not gong to mention anyone.

But have you ever asked yourself if they have something other than what you usually see on the menu .Probably not, so you should know some of the restaurants you do go to have some of the most insane dishes you've ever eaten in your life.

I mean it's insane I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't and taste it, but they really don't want you to know unless you have plug there, well lucky for you I'm your guy.

  1. Blueberry cheese milkshake

You can never go wrong with a good milkshake, I mean I would kill for one anytime of the day no matter what and blueberry cheesecake I believe is God's way of telling us he loves us through food. Now imagine if these two came together and had a baby well they did... I give you the blueberry cheese milkshake. It comes complementary with extra blueberries and whipped cream. It has the best of both worlds and none of the cons. Only a select few restaurants offer this secret item. Once you take this other milkshakes just wont taste the same.

2. Chicken and waffle sandwich

Now I know what your probably thinking if you've never heard of this before "yuck." But never judge a book by its cover.Chicken and waffle is a local cuisine in Southern USA  and dearly loved but someone had the brilliant idea to put the chicken in the middle and make a sandwich, genius. This dish is so good you wouldn't believe it. Now some restaurants in Kenya don't offer this so you might have to order them individually and combine them together and they have to know how to properly make them but those that do changed the sandwich game with this.

3. Triple down

This specific dish is sold by KFC. Its a sandwich that has bacon, two special cheeses and the special KFC chicken but what makes this dish insane is that instead of using bread they use two pieces of chicken and they added an extra layer of bacon and cheese. If your concerned about your health you might want to shy away from this one but if you aren't indulge yourself kaka.

4. McCrepe

This one is a McDonald special. Unfortunately you have to do this one yourself, order the hot cake and the yoghurt parfait. Pour the yoghurt into the hot cake fold and enjoy. Warning this is a sweet tooth delight but if you don't mid enjoy.

5. Animal style fries Animal-Style French Fries are fried golden brown, topped with melty American Cheese, buttery melted caramelized onions and a signature fry sauce. 

6. Flying Dutchman

This one is for the beef burger lovers. Imagine a cheese burger without the bun, vegetables and sauce your left with two beef patties acting as the bun and two layer of cheese in between. Burger heaven.

7. Neapolitan shake

We all love ice cream and you know the trouble of having to have to choose between vanilla, strawberry and chocolate well this milkshake solves the answer and combines the tree it's so good heck I'm gonna go try it out today!

8. Land sea and air burger

It is a combination of a Big Mac, Filet-o-Fish and McChicken. The top patty is topped with a chicken strip and the bottom patty is topped with a fried fish patty. A ll three types of meats, all in one burger.

9. Suicide burger

This burger is a handful. It consists of  four beef patties four slices of cheese bacon special sauce and two buns, after this you probably might not even eat for another two days. Get this at your local Burger king.

Now if you get lucky enough to get them if the stars align for you could do a grand tour and eat all these and eat them all in one week if you decide to good luck pal you'll need it.