Tyler the creator started out being this rapper who loved wearing snap backs and supreme t-shirts, but now, he's a Grammy nominated artiste and a style icon according to GQ magazine.

The guy has his own clothing brand (GOLF WANG) that sells some of the most insane and interesting clothing you've ever seen in your life; from sneakers to hoodies to hats you name it.

But Tyler wasn't always the most stylish dude in the world. He didn't always wear Louis Vuitton scarves. There was even one time he showed up to a red carpet event wearing a regular old hoodie and vans. So where is Tyler the Creator coming from and where is he going to?

1 Skater boy

Way back when he started getting recognition for his music. He started with the skateboarder look. Simple shorts, Vans and Chuck Taylors a good cap and t-shirt was his regular fit. It actually set a trend  and people got interested in the skater boy outfit. I'd like to think he is one of the main rappers who made the skateboarder style popular considering he was one of the rappers who was wearing Supreme along with Asap rocky and a few others in the hip hop community when supreme wasn't what Supreme is today.

2. Complete comfort

During the 2013 Grammys he did something everyone else couldn't dare do. He wore a hoodie and a pair of Vans to the red carpet. He wasn't really aiming for much, he was just happy to be there and enjoy the moment. But you have to admit, when everyone else decided to wear tailored suits and tuxedos the guy decided to wear what made him feels comfortable and he wore it with pride.

3. Colours and prints

Later on he started getting a little bit more comfortable with patters, colours, jewelry and different types of fits, This is when all media outlets started paying attention to how he was dressing and the influence he has. He was coordinating different type of colours and wearing high brand fashion clothes but still keeping the skater look as the main source of inspiration. His confidence comes to play here though you can't pull off an outfit without confidence it's an essential.

4. Breaking the rules

He was already stylish in his own right but his second appearance at the 2018 Grammys was a complete 180 degree turn from the guy who just walked in with a hoodie and a pair of sneakers.

This time he had a Louis Vuitton scarf, an ushanka (the traditional Russian hat), cropped black trousers and cream coloured Chuck Taylors. All that put together and add one Tyler the creator and you have something that's mind bending. This outfit is what made him a permanent style icon.

Through out his career, he definitely has changed up his style a bit and looks way better.  There is something we can all learn from him. When dressing remember you should pick what works for you. He still keeps the same aesthetic and plays around with his wardrobe, but he's shoes never changed. He still keeps his Chuck Taylor and Vans on but I definitely see him trying on some high fashion sandals this time round. Can't wait to see what he does next.