Once upon a time you could only buy a pair sneakers and part with thousands, but point is you'd get that pair you've always wanted and everyone including your friends would notice.

If you wanted a new pair you could either trade, wait another couple of months before your parents felt generous enough to give you enough money to buy another, hustle hard and get another pair or re-sell yours.

But now you can buy sneakers, re-sell them and make some money. Yes you heard me right, you can make a profit by re-selling your sneakers. But how? Easy Stock X. If you go to your google play store or your app store,  you'll find an app called stock X. It's actually your best friend if you are a sneaker head.

Imagine an online store where you could buy, re-sell and gain a profit selling your sneakers. Stock X  works like a stock market for sneakers. You can see the market value of sneakers at a specific time. Some sneakers appreciate in value over time and some sneakers depreciate, it all depends with the market.

On Stock X you can only buy and sell sneakers that are fresh off the box, which is a good thing so no sneakers that have been worn kaka. They have a better price compared to some other websites where you could look for centuries and never find a pair you wanted or you would pay more than what you had originally planned to buy it for.

When you sell a shoe at Stock X  you can either sell it immediately for the price people are comfortable paying for. This means your shoe would sell quicker but you won't get that much money for it or you can ask for a higher price. This route, you can make a lot more money but the con is your pair might not sell quick or it might not be sold at all. Once you've sold your shoe, you send it to the address they sent to you through your email to their nearest office. Once the shoe is bought they take their cut (10%) and you get paid.

If you want to buy a pair immediately you can buy it for the selling price or you can place a bid and pay a price you feel more comfortable buying at. Once you purchase,  your pair is sent to them where they authenticate the shoe and send it to you. You get their shoe, the re seller gets their money and everyone goes home happy.

The sneaker business is a multi billion dollar business, however it didn't happen over night so it might take a while before you actually start making lots of money but when you've built your collection you can actually make a living out of it. And to actually make a major profit off of a sneaker you have to be sure the sneaker will increase in value over time and buy the shoe at retail price, once you got those two down your good to go.