Some people love fashion some people hate it but you have to admit at one point or another, we all want to be that person that's wearing the latest thing in the market.

But unfortunately, like all trends, some stay and some die a quick death case and point the Supras, remember those.

So to save yourself some embarrassment I've made a list of five fashion trends you need to get rid of today and alternates that you can use to replace them.

Keep in mind all the things I have mentioned on this list are personal. So do not get upset if you want to keep wearing them be my guest.

1.Small sunglasses

I don't know if it was Bad Bunny, Rihanna of Kim Kardashian that brought these back but for a brief time last year, they were the hottest thing in fashion.

Unfortunately, the time has come for you to put them back in the shelves until they come back maybe in about two to three decades.

They completely defeat the purpose of sunglasses. They don't protect your eye from the suns rays so they aren't completely functional.

In style, fashion has to coordinate with functionality so this was more of a look than a function.

Get rid of them, Buy yourself some classic frames like aviators, wedges or club masters they are timeless and you won't regret buying them.

2.Fur coats

Now don't get me wrong I love fur coats just as much as the next guy. They look incredible and they keep you warm especially in this weather.

But unfortunately, the means don't justify the ends. A lot of endangered animals get killed just to make them and it is pretty bad for the environment so lets not make it any worse get rid of them.

Instead, go for jackets that are made from plant-based materials or fabrics that didn't involve the killing of an animal to make (wool).

They actually look really good and they do a bang up job at keeping you warm.

3.Big logos

You've seen them everywhere Gucci, Prada, Nike t-shirts with the world biggest logo printed on them to let everyone know how much money you spent on a t-shirt and the quality might not be worth it.

T-shirts with small or no logos but with good quality are actually much more appealing to the eye or get a graphic t-shirt and layer it with a flannel shirt.

4. Large watches

Who are these dudes walking around with a watch the size of a damn pizza. Budda it's way to big for your wrist.

Ditch them and get a watch face that fits your wrists properly.

5. Fanny packs

This one might rub off on people the wrong way damn, it might even make some people mad and it personal for me because I own one.

The fanny pack was the hottest item to come in 2017 but unfortunately, some of us won't let it go.

I get it.

I love mine too but we have to let it go it is just not fashionable anymore. Now some alternatives are a utility bag, a dopp kit or a satchel if you can't do either one just get a bag pack (messenger bag made of canvas is my personal preference).