Social media is a tool, It's great, we all use it. Its created businesses and connect us all. But it does have its downsides. When was the last time you went an entire day without looking at the notifications on your phone?

When you get a like or comment on your phone, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine. It's the same chemical released when you take narcotics or a cigarette. It's a feel-good chemical. This good feeling makes you get addicted to using social media more and more resulting in unwanted consequences in the process.

On average we all check our phones from 80-300 times a day. Whenever your phone notification goes off you release cortisol. A hormone in your body which is the cause of stress. Think about it that's hundreds of times your releasing stress in your body on a daily basis.

Ever logged onto social media and found yourself comparing you and someone else? Probably so. You only see what they want you to see you don't see every aspect of their life, their negatives. You end up constantly trying to get that feedback and attention from your followers and if you don't get it you feel terrible. Or just end up procrastinating on your work or assignments because you wanted to see a youtube video which led you to watch another and another.

Social media isn't terrible. Like all things it just needs to be done in moderation.Taking a break from it. It won't be easy but strive on and you'll see the benefits of it your self.

  1. Fewer comparisons

You'll find yourself doing fewer comparisons. As humans we can't help ourselves, you might end up getting something you wanted for a long time but you'd view someone's getting something better than yours in their profile. Getting away from all the noise makes you more appreciative of what you have and gratitude leads to joy.

2. More time

Ever turned down your friend offering to hang out and your excuse was "I don't have enough time?" Well getting away from all that noise gives you more time to spend with yourself and others. More time to get to your work and meet deadlines. Spend time with your loved ones, to create a better relationship. More time to interact with others and form close connections.

3. It enhances your creativity

When you use social media for a certain period of time. You find yourself having the same monolithic thought as others. You won't be able to think for yourself or ask questions, be as creative in your life as you need to be.

4. More sleep

You get more time to sleep so you can wake up more energised and ready to take on the day. And more sleep means less stress.

Try getting away from social media for 30 days. The detox isn't to cure you but rather to make you more aware if you have a problem with social media or not.