You might have seen that Radio Presenter Andrew Kibe is trending at number one. Ask why? Well, Kibe on Friday morning shared his two cents on why he thinks friendship doesn't exist.

Talking to Zinzi and Trevor on Citizen TV, Kibe said;

I'm not a true friend because there are some things that you do, I'll draw the line and I've tried.

How you are is based on what I need...I choose what I don't have in my friends. Like I procrastinate like crazy. I can sit like a crocodile for days, I need somebody who is going to be the opposite of me.

He went on to say that everyone is evil and is using other people to better themselves.

This is all of us, we don't want to accept that because you want to think you are a better person than you really are. You are not. You are an evil human being. We are all evil, we are all using each other.

Kibe says he can't catch a bullet for friends let alone a family member like his child.

Love doesn't exist. Love is unconditional, who can right now stand in front of a gun right now for you? Who? I would not stand even for my kids. I'm trying to tell you that the selfishness inside the human being cannot allow us to be true to one another but one day, maybe, we shall be able, to tell the truth even on national tv and say that friendships don't work and because friendship don't work then somethings like marriages also might not work. People just exist.

You are there because of your situation, the day your situation ends, you'll leave those friends there

Check out what KOT had to say: