John De Mathew has been praised in moving tributes from friends and family.

The artiste, who released 375 songs and 50 albums made a great impact in the music industry.

While eulogizing her husband, Sabina Wairimu Mwangi, John's first wife said,

John and I had had the privilege of being lovers. I was a partner and a friend to him. You truly were a wonderful and kind man.

You were the love of my life, the one who dd everything humanly possible to protect us me and our children. You were a man of the people and a hero to all who knew you. Aman who loved unconditionally and gave generously.

You were a family man and understood the true meaning of marriage. Your life has taught me unconditional love and your death has taught me kindness and meaning of true friendship.

I'm grateful to God that I had the opportunity to share your dreams, hope, laughter, friendship and much much more. You'll always be in my heart and the love I have for you will never die. The children and I will always remember and pray for you.

She continued,

As we put you to rest my love, we will only burry your body but your spirit and amazing ability to give is still with us. I'll always thank God for the many years we've shared together.

Before paving way her co-wife Caroline to pay her tribute to their husband, she said,

I'm requesting today that let no one come between us (family). We were humble, united as a family and there's no day we've 'fought'. Caroline respects me and we don't want anyone to come between us. We want to live happily as before.

There are times John De Mathew would come to my house and when he wants to dress and doesn't find that particular clothes were not at my place, I would call Caroline to ask if they were at their place.

If she never had an issue with that and would respond politely, who can come between us?' Sabina said.

She added that,

Our kids relate well and you can't differentiate which one belongs to me and which ones belong to my co-wife. There are those inciting. You have no space to separate us because we're strong than ever.

She concluded saying,

I really love Caroline because she respects me as Mam Shiko because she knows nilikuwa nimemtengenezea mzee. Those talking bad about Caroline, please respect her. Tutajenga mahali John ameacha na kusikuje mwengine wa kutenganisha watoto. These kids are united as one.

Caroline don't cry, I'm here. I will fill John De Mathew's shoes and act like him.