Diamond Platnumz is one of the wealthiest if not the wealthiest celebrity artiste in East and Central Africa. I don't  think there is anyone who would debate this fact -unless ofcourse you're a hater in which case don't let me steal your thunder potato, go ahead and potate.

Diamond Platnumz recently cut a billion shilling (calm down we are discussing Tanzanian shillings afterall) deal with a soap detergent company:

Heavy pocket, heavy security. Diamond rolls with presidential security after cutting billion shilling deal

Anyway, while at the press conference announcing his new deal, Diamond Platnumz was put to task about the amount of his deal and he wasted no time in telling the media there that this was an area he doesn't deign to discuss. But not being a complete dweeb, Diamond did explain why he has this rule as a hard rule: