Timmy Tdat and his antics might be fine in Kenya where people are more enlightened than most but in Tanzania, his ludicrous bullshit just won't fly. And if you have ever wondered why his music doesn't fly south of Namanga, it is because this is a conservative country.

And Rosa Ree really should have known better. She is a Tanzanian and she should have watched to see what happens to Tanzanians who make sexually suggestive music leave alone music videos. Infact, the Tanzanian government can be repressive to the point of punishing people for being the victims of revenge porn.

And even if she didn't know because she lives in a bimbo bubble, Timmy Tdat's job as her man is to protect her from some of her own dumb decisions. But here we are and Rosa ree is currently fighting for her freedom after she made another intellectually questionable decision to go back home to Tanzania where Basata are after her.

Bongo 5 are ontop her matter and this is how they are reporting her defence case against charges laid before her by Basata:

Rosa Ree alivyojitetea kuhusu video yake chafu mbele ya Bodi ya Filamu. “Nilikuwa sijui kama ni kosa"

Msanii wa muziki wa kuchana, Rosa Ree mapema leo aliitwa na Bodi ya Filamu Tanzania kuhusiana na video yake chafu ambayo ilikuwa inasambaa mitandaoni.

Bongo5 TV ilizungumza na Kaimu Katibu Mtendaji wa Bodi hiyo, Dkt. Kiagho Kilonzo ambapo alisema ni kweli walimhoji rapa huyo na katika utetezi wake, rapa huyo alidai kwamba alikuwa hajui kama nimakosa kuachia video chafu mitandaoni.