Ali Kiba is not playing around no more and he wants WCB and the rest of the nation to put some respeck on his name. And the people who should especially take note are Diamond, WCB and Babu Tale, all tree o y'all!

Ali Kiba has now announced that he will be addressing the nation about the reason for his recent outburst and allegation that Diamond Platnumz was lying about WCB approaching him to perform at Wasafi Festival.

It should be remembered that in his initial missive, Ali Kiba exploded at Diamond Platnumz saying,

Usiniletee mambo ya darasa la Pili unaniiibia penseli alafu unanisaidia kutafuta .(UNIKOME) 

Mwanaume huwa anaongeaga mara moja tu sasa ukitaka nikuweke uchi watu wajue unayonifanyia hata kwenye hilo tamasha hatokuja mtu sasa tuishie hapo nakutakia tamasha njema 

And in shedding light on the situation, Diamond responded during his interview with Wasafi FM, addressing the current standoff with Ali Kiba and explained that there is no beef. He holds no hate in his heart for Ali Kiba and even respects him as his elder who started in the Bongo music game earlier thus paving the way for the likes of Diamond.