Anerlisa Muigai is very lucky that when she got Ben Pol, she was in Kenya, otherwise, she would have been at the mercy of his ex, a comedian called Ebitoke who yesterday attempted to put the beats on her new man, Mlela's new lover.

Whether or not Mlela had called it quits in his relationship with Ebitoke is unknown but what is known is that he has moved on to a not so secret lover who was nearly the recipient of Ebitoke's wrath were it not for some burly bouncers.

Mlela and his friends called a press conference to discuss a new project they are launching when Ebitoke launched herself into the conference room and started fighting. It took quick thinking bouncers to realize this was not a stunt but a real fight and they then swung into action and kept the two women from stripping each other among other things women do to each other when they fiht.

Mlela kept his distance but he was quickly engaged by Ebitoke's brother who was livid he had wasted her time.

Watch the video below:

And shout out to Millard Ayo for the video of the bout.