Andrew Kibe is a straight shooter if ever I heard one. He speaks his truth with such enviable ease and he really couldnae care less what you make of it. Today while in studio with Kamene Goro, Kibe discussed a youngin who dropped in on his DMs to ask him a question about his relationship conundrum.

According to Kibe, this is a normal occurrence with many people assuming he is an expert at living life because he has alot of strong opinions. Anyway, the guy described his dilemma thus; he has two women, one of whom is a professional with her own money so they never have any monetary strains as she has her own. The issue with her is that she is very lazy when it comes to helping out around the house or cooking.

The second lass is a down to earth lass (no earthworm). Whenever she comes around, she helps him out with his house chores and even cooks great meals. But the catch with her is her lack of money. She tends to be a financial drain on him and his resources.

And he wanted Kibe's help to understand what he should do. And Kibe, being the wise elder he is, gave him a very helpful response,

Why choose? Enjoy the best of both worlds.