is esma platnumz preggers or just fat?
is esma platnumz preggers or just fat?
Petit Man is a horrible name. This is what happens when artistes, dancers and whoever else needs stage names do not have good friends around him. Petit Man is the sort of name that leaves me wondering what about him is petit because his hair is long, he is the average size of an East African man, his feet are normal...

Anyway, Petit Man and Esma Platnumz decided to reconcile and get back together again. And they seem to have wasted no time in expanding their family. perhaps the thought informing this decision is that a baby can seal their reconciliation.

A video surfaced showing Esma Platnumz with a protruding belly and Tanzanians are wondering whether the belly was full of food or whether it is a blessing that has caused the belly to be so rotund.

Check out photos of the video for yourself:

What say you as the keen-eyed Kiss reader? Is she or isn't Esma Platnumz pregnant?