darth vader cocktail1
darth vader cocktail1
Darth Vader; remember that name.

If you're going out tonight or any other night and you're along Electric Ave, why not take a quick detour down to Havana? I know what you're about to say but hear me out... Havana is not an old fogey joint. Okay, it might not be the absolute solid plan for you if you're in your small 20s but the cocktails there are simply amazeballs!

One particular cocktail reminds me of a rather awesome night I had and it is called... Drum roll, please... A Mojito. Just kidding it's called a Darth Vader.

The drink is made as follows:

1 oz. Vodka

1 oz. Tequila

1 oz. Rum

1 oz. Gin

1 oz.Triple Sec

Top with Sour Mix

Top with Jagermeister

I am neither a mixologist nor an alcoholic so I cannot tell you what goes where but it is probably a good guess that you mix all these ingredients together. And that is wherein Havana comes in. The bartenders are pros at getting the drink right.

Add to that that this bar is a little less of a noisy nightclub and more of a chill plan for when you're going out with your friends to enjoy a night of conversation and timid merriment. You don't have to deal with the BS of bumping into people. If you want dinner and some cocktails, go to Havana.

What more can I say about the drink and the joint? Oh yeah, drink responsibly.