Juma Jux and his sexy Asian bae are rumoured to have gone their separate ways. And this is according to some rumours and rumbling with coming from south of our border.

No doubt about it, however, there is one party who is listening to the rumours rather happily and that is Vanessa Mdee's younger sister Mimi Mars.

The situation is unfolding and we at Kiss100 are watching carefully to see what happens but all in all, Juma Jux is a man who is clearly on his own mission so he will not be too fazed by either the rumours and the nonsense.

Add to that the fact that when Mimi Mars dissed him, intimating that he was not of Vanessa Mdee's calibre, he responded with this dope retort:

Sijui kwanini amesema hivyo ila kama ni yeye ameona hivyo sawa siwezi kukataa, kwanza muda huo sina pili mimi nina maisha mengine, pia ninaheshimu mawazo yake hata kama anaona hivyo lakini ninachoweza kusema kwenye maisha ya mapenzi hakunaga mashindano”