If you ask most men what they make of lasses, they will tell you that lasses are complex creatures. I am here to tell you that lasses only confound the uninitiated. The simple men who go through life with their eyes closed to the truths of human nature.
As to methods, there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble

-Harrington Emerson

The principles of relationships like with every other aspect of life are few. It is you lads who complicate things. Boychild, pull up a chair and allow me to explain what I mean.

Women, from time immemorial, have looked for certain qualities in men. These are actually evolved preferences and they served a huge role in keeping the human species alive and thriving.

Among the things lasses look for in a man is the strength of will. It is all well and good for a man to be strong but a man who can impose his will on nature and on other men is priceless.

Another is ambition. Lasses do not want to live in squalor. That is why whenever I mentor a lad I ask him to first focus on himself and make himself his mission. That involves becoming ambitious. Women want a man who wants every blessing life has to offer and is willing to put the work into attaining them.

We could go deeper but this is about seeing when your lass is getting ready to ditch you.

First, understand that whenever a lass leaves you, you are at fault. You have lost every quality she found attractive and you were not working at improving yourself. So do not try and lash out. Simply mourn the death of the relationship (in the privacy of the darkest corner of your room), pick yourself up and start working at being the best version of yourself that can ever exist.

But when did the rain start beating you? The minute you lost focus. For had you been focused, you would have seen the following signs

#1. She has started posting thirst trap photos on social media

No lass who is happy in her relationship will post thirst traps. Make no mistakes about it, these type of photos are for validation. If your lass posts thirst traps and says they are an "artsy self-expression", run!

And trust that these photos are advertising. She has realized she can do better. Look up hypergamy.

#2. She has started partying more without you

If your lass starts going out without inviting you more often, she is actively displaying herself. Think of it like experiential marketing. She hopes to meet a guy who will have experienced how fun she can be and will be willing to start dating her.

#3. Everything you do angers her "it's always your fault"

Everything about you is the reason why she agreed to start dating you. Now everything about you including how you breath angers her. This is because she has begun (whether consciously or not) feeding her mind with excuses so she doesn't feel bad when she branch swings from you to another guy.

#4. She starts taking care of her image a lot more

The unfortunate truth is that when the new relationship energy wears off, most lasses stop trying. Ever seen a presidential candidate continue to campaign after winning the elections? Nope? Exactly. But when she starts glamming up, fam, be on the alert.