What's not to love about Nadia Mukami's fashion and what doe sit say about her?

Too much has been said about Nadia's dressing code. From her shoes to her sneakers to comments claiming that she dressed like an old woman.

First of all, unlike many artists, Nadia understands her body, what she should and should not wear. and please give her a break. If she feels fabulous in comfy shoes such as sneakers, let's not traumatize this hardworking singer with negativity.

Instagram has endless streams of airbrushed models that will draw opinions from would be fashionistas. The pop artiste is original, has a lovable fashion sense and a comfortable one I might add.

Keyboard worriers here in Kenya have no chills, no limits and will definitely say anything. That does not mean it is true.

She is daring with her outfits. If you can remember her long green dress. Free and comfortable. and she felt fabulous in it. What's more, she did not care what everybody else said about it.

This and her spectacular performance and poetic lyrics.  She recently wore a shiny outfit for a stage performance. And yes she looked great. But, of course, criticism followed as well.

Nadia's outfit gives you the impression that she is lovable and approachable. Oh and she never forgets to wear her amazing smile.