Wanaweza ama? Forget bad gal RiRi and hip hop heavyweight Nicki Minaj. Kenya has her own bad girls too. I must agree that most femcees are well-known for their bad girl characteristics but the question still stands, what exactly makes a bad girl?

Most people term bad girls as no-nonsense girls, miss independents, single and spoilt lasses but there are a variety of views and opinions on who these bad girls really are.

Let's take a look at the kind of bad girls that Kenyan celebrities have to offer;

Fena Gitu

Just by the look of her, you might confuse her for a tomboy. Fena who is now hitting the airwaves with her collabo dubbed Kama Kawaida featuring Muthoni The Drummer Queen, Mayonde, and Kagwe keeps tongues wagging, being known as the queen of 'bad girl' swag. Her style in itself is just enough to tell you that Fena is possibly one of Kenya's baddest lasses.

Femi One

Just because she released a diss track doesn't make her a bad girl, but the guts she showed for writing a direct diss to fellow rapper does make her a victim of bad girl syndrome. Femi One is one of Kaka Empires biggest femcees who hit the headlines after her Pilau Njeri diss song garnered her attention.


Sosuun is Kenrazy's bae and from her sheng lines, it is evident that this wife and mother of one is a force to reckoned with. This is one unstoppable bad girl who is well informed about the rap industry and handles it effortlessly, not to mention the help she gets from her hubby. Let's say it takes a brave girl to deliver lines like those from Sosuun's songs.

Noti Flow

Forget her beef with the likes of rapper Kyki, Femi One and Njeri, Noti Flow is one daring lass who has a 'don't care' attitude that could add up to being a bad girl. In an interview with one local site, Noti Flow almost stripped while showing off her tattoos. Girl's got guts!

Kush Tracey

Ni ndulu utapiga! Even after breaking up with celebrity boyfriend, Timmy Tdat, Kush Tracey went ahead to unapologetically tell the public that Timmy was not good in bed. Even after showing her bad girl side, Kush has even gone ahead to post sexy photos of herself online showing the rapper what he was missing out on.