When I mentioned I was doing this topic, my workmates immediately lodged into the pros and cons of wearing menstrual cups.

Some were for it and others were horrified at the thought of using it, preferring other options available in the market.

These new things are sure to make your life better, (ok, your period)

Menstrual cups last for years. You don't have to go for new ones every month, they are quite reusable and therefore cost-effective. Millennials are really adapting to this new adult thingy.

They are quite easy to use. You know how girls in a health education class have a lot of questions concerning how to use tampons? With menstrual cups, it's quite easy to figure out.

Menstrual cups hold five times more fluid than adult diapers or tampons. This way you can last with these cups up to twelve hours. Well apart from the cramps, you have the whole day to forget what you are going through down there.

Just use soap and water to clean your cup and then use it again. You save money and help reduce waste in the environment. Being 20, you have a whole bunch of expenses, clothes, makeup, shoes (very important!). If we can save money each month, it means a lot to us millennials.

You do not have to worry about getting light or heavy flow tampons or adult diapers. You do not experience any leaks with these cups. There is no need to tell your girl to stand behind you and check for stains anymore.

Does pee soaked strings of tampon feel gross to you? Yeah me too. Millennials have evaded this by using menstrual cups.

These cups help reduce the risk of TSS, toxic shock syndrome. these are life-threatening bacterial infections.

Get on-trend with menstrual cups. cost-effective, healthy and environment-friendly.