Who are these guys? These are definitely the hottest Kenyan men raising the profile of the fashion industry.

That said, someone got to give Kenyan men some tips. Listen here men! If your clothes fit you properly, regardless of the price of the item, it will always look like it was made for your body. Investing in pieces that are simple, classic and versatile allows you to not only justify an extravagant price but also means that the majority of the items in your wardrobe can be mixed and matched with minimal clashing.

Here are some photos of most well  dressed sexy male celebrities in Kenya.

King Kaka

The legendary rapper embraces good fashion statements even in his all time hit music videos. Sungura is definitely the kind of artist that wants not only his music but also his fashion to sell.

Sauti Sol

These Kenyans are winning giants with multiple awards and are the real definitions of Fashion. Not only has their successful tours in Africa and Europe topped Kenyan charts but also their sense of fashion has gained international attention.


The Kenyan award winning rapper got style. But do i say.

Otile Brown

Not a new kid in the block. He has been in the music industry for a while now and his taste of fashion is just awesome. All eyes on you Otile.


Mtoto wa mama has recently been rocking some trendy pants; evident in his social media posts and hit music videos.