Solutions! Solutions! Solutions! That's the name of our game today. We're in uncertain times. Goes without saying that we all need to stay safe and adjust our normal routines. It's disruptive yet gives us an opportunity to look in to alternative ways of getting things done.

Most Kenyans are confined to working from home now. The government has directed us to stay home anyway so that each Kenyan can play their part in curtailing the pandemic. However, life hasn't stopped. It's not a holiday and truth be told, bills are almost due.

Personally, my pre-paid meter is beeping and for sure, I'll need to buy tokens from Kenya Power. The water bill is also on its way and so is my mum's DSTv and my own GOTv bill. I'm also paying for Zuku Internet next week besides my Airtel phone subscription which is postpaid. That'll be due next week Tuesday. Did I mention my credit cards from the shopping I've been doing online?

Not to worry, I have a way to stay safe while staying organised. Yes! This is my story.

Suffice to say a one-stop-shop does the trick for me and I'd love to recommend it to you too. I find that besides paying my bills, I can apportion my savings and do that in a single sitting. Nothing works better than the Standard Chartered Mobile banking app. It's fast, simple and secure. I can view my outstanding bill amounts and make instant bill payments using either my bank account or credit card. Believe me, I use it for all my utilities, Mobile Money and Airtime.

Did I hear you say you're looking to open a new bank account? You're in the right place and I'm more than glad to have found you. Sit back, relax and click this link right now --

Try it! Moreover, you won't have to visit the branch to open an account. It's simple, fast, convenient and revolutionary to say the least!

PS: It was love at first sight for me when I used the Standard Chartered mobile banking app and I can almost guarantee the same will happen for you.