To the untrained eye, the bandana is nothing more than a piece of cloth. A scarf to serve a purpose.

Well, it's actually more than that. If done well bandana can elevate your style to a different level.

So if you have one lying around the house don't throw it away.


If you are creative and daring enough. Multiple bandanas stitched together can make a garment you wear on your body like pants, a kimono, a t-shirt and more.

If you have a great tailor or good tailoring skills this is possible. To make this work you shouldn't be using matching colours rather coordinating.

Remember you trying to be stylish not join a gang. To make things a little bit more interesting add different types of bandana prints and patterns to the overall product.

This is difficult to construct so unless you know what your doing you wouldn't want to try this. But if you do, this would definitely put you in a different league.


You can use your bandana as a patched cloth. Now it's not necessary to cover up a hole in your clothes but more of an added piece to bring a little bit more colour to break the monotony.

Especially if you have a piece of clothing or a shoe that's just bland and needs some love. It has this hobo vibe to it. Do this only if you're confident enough.


Now if either one of these is out of your comfort zone start small. Fold the bandana (watch videos on YouTube they'll show you how to do it). And use it as a neck scarf.

But don't make the mistake of placing the knot on your back you'll look confused. Instead, place the knot in the front. I won't lie to you, if you are a guy, people will question your sexual orientation if you do this.

But if you don't care go for it. If not then your last option is a headband. But if you are going to use a bandana as a headband, don't go for the paisley bandana print.

Go for more bold colour and print preferably in warmer seasons for appropriations' sake. But it's a great option especially if you have long hair.