It's pretty safe to say that everyone in life chases happiness at one point or another. Some people are lucky enough to get it, others well you know how it goes. At times, the thing that makes you unhappy comes from external sources such as your negative family member, friend, job or partner. Sometimes the cause of your unhappiness is the things you do. Here are six things you do every day that could possibly be making you unhappy.

  1. Addiction to social media

Social media is a great tool when used properly. But lately, it's been more harm than good. From trolls, cyberbullying and more that lead to the extreme case like suicide. Plus all the constant unrealistic comparisons you make with someone else's profile that only shows you the "good life" but never the real one. It isn't necessarily the tool that's the cause of your unhappiness but more the people. So take some time off. Exercise restraint.

2. Over analyzing

Stop overthinking sometimes, will you? Sometimes the simplest answer is the best one. Some things are completely out of your control whether its' people's opinions or something that happened in the past. Let go and let God. Ignorance is bliss.

3. Watching pornographyLook I'm not here bashing anyone who has a porn addiction. But if your watching porn on a daily basis and are unhappy. There's a connection. Porn paints this unrealistic expectation of how a relationship is. Soon you start looking at other people as objects and not as humans. It's not real! No one can live up to those expectations. Plus you're probably masturbating too. When you do this, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine. That feel-good sensation you get, dopamine. And throughout the rest of your day, it would be pretty difficult to get that same high. This makes you think that life is just not as fun as it could be when you're at the peak of that high making you feel sad.

4. Junkfood

I've said it a thousand times before and ill say it again. You are what you eat. You become overweight, health risks come into play and then the insults. That just breaks your spirit. Now I'm not saying don't eat that pizza when you need to. A little bit of comfort food isn't bad for you. Sometimes you need it. Just do it in moderation.

5. The constant pursuit of money

Money is important, you need it to survive and for financial freedom. However, the constant pursuit of it won't satisfy you because of your humanity. You're unsatisfactory.  You've even heard J. cole talking about it or one of your friends. First, you get a hundred thousand, then you want two fifty thousand, then you want fifty and then a million and on and on and on it goes. Being content with what you have is impossible unless you've found nirvana. Keep grinding and working to improve yourself. It's great. But don't place your happiness in the money you make. Instead, place it in the people whom you love and who love you back. it'll be much more beneficial.