Yvonne Okwara
Yvonne Okwara

Back in July, Citizen TV anchor Yvonne Okwara went MIA and her fans wondered where she had been.

Yvonne would later reveal that she was forced to take a break from his duties, so that she could look after her mind and body.

Okwara revealed that she has been forced to deal with an excruciating chronic back pain for two years.

She said that even after trying drugs and physio she made up her mind to go for a spinal surgery, so she could fix everything once for all.

Weeks later, and the gorgeous presenter is back on air like she never left!

Okwara, has thanked her fans for their thoughts, prayers and kind wishes during that period.

She also acknowledged those who openly shared their stories regarding back problems with her.

It was good to be back yesterday! .......thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers and kind wishes, and for many of you who've shared your personal stories of chronic pain and back problems with me. I can't solve them or give you medical advice as I am not a doctor, but I am glad that you have an outlet to share your fears, struggles and hopefully you will all find healing. Okwara wrote.