SUMMARY: By making a great front-loader even smarter, LG delivers a new level of consumer convenience.

LG AI DD Washing Machine
LG AI DD Washing Machine
Image: LG Electronics East Africa

Imagine a washing machine that knows your clothes inside out and knows exactly how to wash them, whether they're delicate or not. A washing machine that is quick, silent and functional. A washing machine that does your laundry in just 39 minutes!! This is the reality of the brand new LG Washing machine. A revolution!

LG Electronics has expanded the availability of its innovative front-loader washing machine with ThinQ AI powered by the company’s proprietary Direct Drive™ to East Africa. With the benefits of AI DD™ the new washers are able to deliver thorough yet gentle cleaning by determining the weight and fabric characteristics of each load to deliver faster and better laundry results.

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LG’s AI DD technology leverages big data on twenty thousand pieces of information related to washer usage and applies settings based on the volume and delicateness of the garments in each load of laundry to provide the most optimized washing cycle. This guarantees exceptionally clean laundry every time with the added benefit of an 18 percent reduction in damage to the clothes, prolonging the life of every wardrobe.

39 minutes

LG’s TurboWash™ 360 feature delivers the convenience of a shorter laundry day without compromising cleanliness, requiring just 39 minutes to complete a full wash cycle. And 3D Multi Spray also helps get clothes clean in less time by shooting jets of water in four different directions simultaneously for more stain-fighting coverage. Customers can save even more time by pairing the LG AI DD washing machine with LG MiniWash which fits directly underneath to create a TWINWash™ system to handle two loads of laundry at once.

Boasting the durability and efficiency, LG AI DD washing machines deliver an efficient energy rating of A+++-50 percent in no small part due to LG’s inverter technology, guaranteed by a 10-year warranty.

Voice commands

For additional user convenience, LG AI DD washers can be managed using voice commands from a connected AI speaker as well as controlled and monitored with the ThinQ mobile app.

The combination of ThinQ AI with LG’s proven Direct Drive technology delivers customer benefits that are more significant than anything in the evolution of washing machines in the past century. This kind of innovation definitely wins the hearts and minds of consumers who expect nothing but the best in their home appliances.

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