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Kiambu County cops managed to arrest a hearse driver, who instead of carrying a casket bearing a corpse, was found ferrying litres of illicit brew.

On The Morning Kiss, Chito and Obinna started a conversation, around that story in pursuit to find whoever told the driver to the cops.

Chito started, “There is a hearse, that was coming from a funeral and it happened to have abruptly been stopped because the cops were suspecting something and it turned out that this funeral vehicle has come back from the funeral with Chang'aa at the back.”


What sounds like a pretty worrying story turned out to be comical as the two hosts made fun of the organisation claiming that the transportation of illicit brew was still a service they offered after day work.

Ilikuwa imebeba lakini sii maiti, imebeba kamnyweso ya kuenda kuua watu wengine and this is why I think it is an investment in the business because they wanted to go and kill them and then carry them,” Obinna joked.

Obinna added that officers around the areas between Busia and Kiambu are not doing their job as the hearse managed to pass through them but was finally stopped at Kiambu, which is a long distance away.


Lakini kutoka Busia hady Kiambu surely, that tell us a lot about our cops, imagine walitoka Busia, Kisumu, Limuru na sasa wanakuja kushikiwa hapa Kiambu, that says that the police wamelala,” Obinna said.

Contrary to Obinna’s opinion, Chito had another theory that someone took a few sips of the chang'aa and snitched at the funeral services company after he or she was denied an extra sip.

“Hamtanipatia Kitu, mtanipatia ama niseme msiponipatia katot hii  maiti haitafika Nairobi, mmeninyima chakula na pia kitu ya kukunywa, hio gari si number plate najua, na niliona vitu mlieka hapo ndani si maiti, gari imebeba mahindi na mmeficha changaa ndani ya mahindi, wacha nipige simu.” Added Obinna imitating a drunk person’s voice.

Check out the video conversation below:

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