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A lady wearing a surgical mask
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It seems as if covid might be slowly creeping back. The government issued a statement asking Kenyans to start wearing masks again as well as to maintain general cleanliness.

I know masks were beyond annoying and uncomfortable, especially for people who wear glasses. A round of applause to you guys because wueh!


With the new statement and some establishments bringing back the "No entry without a face mask" rule, here are a few mask accessories that'll make wearing one easier for you: 

1) An adhesive nose bridge

For people who suffer from foggy glasses while wearing a mask, you'll definitely want to keep these nose strips on standby.

They help your mask seal better on the bridge of your nose, preventing your breath from escaping from the sides and fogging up your lenses.


The adhesive aluminum strips that can be bent to the angle you need and then placed on your mask.

2) Headbands with a buttons

These are guaranteed to give your ears a much-needed break, they come in different designs and colours as well.

I know the mask straps are uncomfortable and there is the fear of your ears bending out of shape so these stretchy headbands are useful to have.

Each headband features sewn-on buttons that are made for hanging masks with ear loops, preventing your mask from pulling on your ears.

3) A pack of reusable mask brackets

These plastic brackets help give you more breathing space inside your mask. These things are a choking hazard honestly. 

The brackets are designed for the triangular shape of your mouth, nose, and chin and can be used with all types of masks.

4) Mask extender straps

Image: courtesy

If you find that your mask fits too loose, this extender strap aims to provide a tighter fit.

Simply pull each mask string through the hooks on either side of the strap and use the buckle to adjust it to a comfortable fit. 

5) Mask lanyards

Finding somewhere easily accessible to store your mask instead of just folding it and putting it in your pocket or handbag warrants a sigh of relief.

 Lanyards are made specifically for holding face masks. Each has lobster hooks to keep it in place.   

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