covered all up, looking to keep warm
A person freezing covered all up, looking to keep warm
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We have to know cold before but this, this is a discovery. 

I know we’ve all seen the memes, “ continue deep freezing us lord, we’re your ice cream” alongside that frozen little monkey that’s in a pool of water. 

monkeys shivering in the cold
Meme of the month monkeys shivering in the cold
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Or the “ Lord if this is you preparing me for my soon life abroad ( cue cities such as London) then I accept.


I feel you people that’s why I’m here with a few tips on how to survive this cold weather, especially at night.

1) Get a hot water bottle 

These are sold at almost all supermarkets and some chemists and they really do come in handy. Minus their intended use, you can fill it up with hot water and then place it inside your covers in the middle of the bed 5 minutes before you go to bed or you can just hop in bed with it and place it where you’re mostly cold i.e. your feet. If you can’t find one improvise with the usual plastic bottles but wrap it with a t-shirt or towel as it’ll burn you since it’s plastic.



2) Purchase a heated/electric  blanket 

If the pickers agree, don’t suffer. 

Heated blankets are revolutionary, it’s like being embraced in a warm hug with soft lullabies being sung to you. 

The downside is, that you can’t sleep with it overnight. Use it to warm the bed and yourself then switch it off before you fall into a deep slumber.

An elecrict room warmer
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3) Buy a room warmer 

This is it! 

Just switch it on and place it in any corner of the room and voila. You know that same feeling when you’re freezing in the car and the heaters are turned on…. It’s the same. 

4) Get gloves/scarves/ hoodies 

I mean you’ll eventually have to go out. 

Gloves are so amazing! I recently got myself like three pairs and I’ve been why it has taken me this long. Especially the ones that are split and you can chuck your fingers out to use them out while still having your glove on! 

You can look stylish and avoid the cold in scarves, trench coats, laying your hoodies, and rocking gloves. 

5) Prepare Dawa 

I swear by Dawa any day any time! 

Dawa is a concoction of lemon, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, and cayenne. Some people just stick to lemon, ginger, and garlic then add honey. However, if you prepare it this is a power boost. It not only warms me but it keeps your immune A1 

I hope these do help as we await to see if August will decide to defrost us or not. 

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