How to tell if an Instagram page is fake

Instagram has made online shopping super easy but it is also a hub for scammers

how to tell if an account is fake
Online shopping how to tell if an account is fake
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Instagram, is the hub of everything amazing! 

I mean how cool is it to shop for everything from clothes to shoes, jewelry, and foodstuffs without leaving the comfort of your home? ( If only work was that as well, right?)

The best part about online shopping is that at a little fee ( and sometimes no fee at all) you can have whatever it is delivered to your doorstep. If not there are pickup spots all over for you to collect your delivery.

The worst part, getting conned.

I know that stings worse than a bee. 

I for one and a couple of other people I know have fallen victim to online scammers. See a pretty pair of heels or a bag you know will look super cute with your weekend outfit, pay for it be told to pick it up somewhere only to arrive and find there is no store there! 

Worst of all when they block you immediately you send your hard-earned coins.

Lemme go cry I'll be right back. 

That is why I decided to write this piece to help ensure us 1 online scammer 0

So let us get into it.

1) Check how many times they've changed their handle

Before you buy from an Instagram page, check how many times they've changed their user ID. Because what is the need to keep on changing your ID if you are legit?

changed its user name 5 times to continue scamming people
A fake shoe page on Instagram reported by Kitt Kiarie changed its user name 5 times to continue scamming people
Image: Instagram

Once you are on the page, click on the three little dots on the top right then click on the option that says, about this page/account then you can be able to see how many times they've changed their handle. 

If it's more than twice that is a red flag! Abort mission. Because an honest establishment will want to keep one user name for easier identification.

2) If they have comments turned off

Major red flag! 

A legit business will have their comment section on to interact with their clients unless they have something to hide and don't want disgruntled customers to come complaining. 

3) Referrals/ appreciation posts

Legit businesses will have a highlight of their customers tagging them, thanking them, or plugging other people into them.

It helps build on the business's credibility.

If a page has such a post, go to the pages tagged and ensure they're actual people. Feel free to ask them about their shopping experience. 

Well if it doesn't or only has WhatsApp and DM screenshots repeat after me... red flag! Abort mission.

4) If you can't mention/tag them on IG

If you cannot mention them then that is not a legit business page because legit businesses like being mentioned it pushes their algorithm.

Helps them be identified by more clients.Hope these tips help you and hey you are now wiser, I hope you don't fall prey to these scammers anymore. And pass it on to help save another fellow's coins.

Ps: whenever you notice a fake account always remember to report them to Instagram to ensure the page is shut down.Read also:

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