4 health risks that obesity can bring

Many suffer from obesity and it can lead to a life long health complication

A picture of someone suffering from obesity
Obesity A picture of someone suffering from obesity
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An obese person is likely to have health issues; in this day and era, we see most people who are overweight than healthy people.

Society has been praising overweight people recently with the possible reason for that being the popular body positivity movement.

There is nothing wrong with boosting one’s confidence but encouraging one to lead an unhealthy lifestyle is where you go wrong.


There are health issues that come with being overweight. Below are some of the ways that being obese can affect our health in the long run;

• Gout 

This is a disease that affects the joints; the more you weigh the more you are likely to have gout.


Walking can be a challenge for people with obese, therefore they should ensure to look at their intake or go for walks daily to avoid having any joint problems.

• Sleep Apnea

When you are overweight there’s a lot that happens to your body, You can get sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a condition where you snore heavily and one can stop breathing for a second when sleeping.

With this, it can affect your sleeping and it can cause stroke and many complicated health issues.

• Stroke

Being obese is likely to cause a stroke due to blood pressure and high cholesterol.

One should ensure to eat healthy foods and avoid junk food.

• Pregnancy problems

A pregnant woman who is obese or overweight has a high chance of facing problems.

It can lead to complications during childbirth, one cannot give birth the normal way and this means they’d have to go through a cesarean section which takes time to heal rather than the normal way of giving birth.

It is recommended that mothers take care of themselves by being fit and taking long walks to ensure them a safe way of bringing life into the world.