who is expecting her third-child
Diana Marua who is expecting her third-child
Image: Instagram

Diana Marua, a musician, and YouTuber is asking Kenyans to help in the naming of her unborn child.

Marua admitted in a series of posts that she had no trouble naming her two children (Heaven and Majesty), but that she is currently at a standstill and needs advice.

The One Day hitmaker requested her followers to offer names for her unborn child.

“God, after my two babies, Heaven and Majesty, I've never been so blank. This is me humbling myself In front of Thee, asking you to give me the Name of my third baby.

 “Team Dee, are you team girl or Team Boy, let me know... Halafu, tuite aje huyu Mtoto Wa Kishua??,” Diana Marua posed to her fans.

The YouTuber continued by saying that her due date is quickly approaching and she is looking forward to meeting her little bundle of joy.

“Stepped out to Shop for the angel. This has been my shortest pregnancy ever. I can’t believe I'm almost heading to Komarock healthcare to receive my bundle of happiness. The delivery date is set," Marua stated.

asking Kenyans to help her name her unborn child
Diana Marua asking Kenyans to help her name her unborn child
Image: Instagram

She continued; “But honestly, I'm not theatre ready 😩 it's how I'm looking forward to meeting baby that's giving me strength. Let's do this,”.

Diana thanked God for keeping things together while admitting how confused she was when she found out she was pregnant.

"Dear God, thank you. It's only you who understood my heart when I first felt like I was pregnant.

“It's only you who understood my confusion, I was lost. It was only you who knew the battle that was in my mind. I was afraid of going back on this journey. You comforted me,” a thankful Ms. Marua shared.

The mother of two mentioned that learning about her due date made everything easy.

“When I did the first scan and got to find out my due date, Everything aligned, it was a miracle, you spoke to me.

“Surrounded by friends and loved ones, the silence was still too loud. Everything changed when I first heard my Angels heartbeat; I fell in love all over again. I cried I laughed, I was overwhelmed with gratitude”.