Sonko and Njugush's viral reaction to African Leaders in a bus

The presidents are in the UK to pay their last respects to the Queen as she is laid to rest.

President Ruto and other state leaders in a 'bus'
African Leaders President Ruto and other state leaders in a 'bus'
Image: Twitter

Former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has caught the attention of many after he took it to his Twitter account to comment on the African presidents stuck in one bus.

Mike Sonko: Hawa wazungu hawana adabu wanawekaje marais wa Africa ndani ya bus moja huko London. God forbid kitu mbaya ifanyike kwa hiyo bus itakuaje?

The presidents are in the UK to pay their last respects to the Queen as she is laid to rest today.


The politician is not the only person who has reacted to the matter, as content creator Njugush has given us a preview of how things are going down and how the African leaders are having the time of their lives.

Check this hilarious video out

You gotta love Kenyans on Twitter as they are always ready to attack at dawn,


Wanjiru:I don't see anything wrong. Lakini Mr. President Ruto ni hustler that's why he is happy

KÎJÅÑÅ_¥Ã_KÎÅMBÛ_II™: Differentiate between superpower and power hungry. They will never go hand in hand

Farouk Kibet: The President is Comfortable. There is no need to cause mayhem where it is unnecessary.

Honsarman: Watakufa tuuu na riggy aendele

KÎJÅÑÅ_¥Ã_KÎÅMBÛ_II™: During Ruto's inauguration mlifanya aje wakenya with those a hundred and something buses tit for tat is a fair game

MSWAHILI: Maumivu yakizidi muone daktari

Johnnie Walker: Commanders in chief in one bus... wanajaribu kuonyesha yesu kitu gani hii

Godfrey Njagi: Let them be humbled for once, hii kushindanga na motorcades at the taxpayer's money is unnecessary. Maybe they will have a change of mind.

Vibes and Inshallah@Itotias·55mReplying to @MikeSonkoMama Rachel thinking of an opportunity to bus-preach!

Robert Mungai: African problems in one basket

S C: Mbona walienda...waliambiwa..

Kimm Kimmh:Lesson learned, Europeans will never like us, it is upon African leaders to do away with foreign affairs

John Kitali mulyungi: They seem comfortable and happy

Mageta Ja'Kosoko: Wewe unalalamika and they're (presidents) all happy.Wakenya na kulalamika.

Kenyans were even more miffed that American president Joe Biden had been allowed to enter Buckingham Palace with his convoy while other presidents were allowed that luxury.

A commentator called big_kev_collection_125 noted, "Nliona biden ameingia na limo yake alaf kuna hawa maskini wa Africa 😂😂😂😂😂 but hii ni aibu walai."

Another Twitter handled called NUAMAHONLINE.COM even equated the treatment to slavery writing,

"US president Joe Biden was allowed in the Buckingham palace with his convoy while other leader mostly Africans were packed in fleet of coaches. The slavery is still on."

What do you think? Do you agree with how Sonko's opinion on how the president's (apart from Biden) were handled as far as transport goes?

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