Website takes down post after Karen Nyamu order

The nominated senator has been trending for the past few days thanks to Robert Alai

Karen Nyamu orders an online media to take down post
Karen Nyamu Karen Nyamu orders an online media to take down post
Image: Instagram

Karen Nyamu has been making headlines for the past few days, thanks to Robert Alai.

Following the matter, a Kenyan-based media took it on their platform to ask Kenyans why they didn't like the politician.

"Why do Kenyans not like Karen Nyamu?" they captioned.


Things were flowing and attracting responses until Karen made a show-stopper appearance.

"You need to change your post immediately," she said. Adding, "LoL post gone south." 

"As for you my fellow Kenyans, the love is mutual (heart emojis)," Karen made it clear.


The media company has since taken the post down.

The nominated senator has to be on the list of clap-back queens, and in the words of Kiambu's former governor Waititu 'anaogopa Mungu na Uji moto pekee.'

The genesis of the post was Robert Alai, the Kileleshwa MCA, taking it to his social media account to advise the young Bomet Women Representative, Linet Toto, to keep off Karen Nyamu as he supposed her to be bad company.

“Linet, avoid this gang. It’s an evil gang that doesn’t have any decency. It will mess you with gang s** and drug binges. Avoid!” he wrote.

Netizens went all wild to the comment section to write

Wel Dimpoz Mwenda: On this one I agree with you kabisa huyu ni thitima nani

Muratha:Umeamua uambie toto ukweli

Isaiah keme: Wacha afunzwe kuishi jiji kuu..kiingereza itanyoroka

Cobell Muturi: You are out of ORDER MCA, these ladies are your seniors.

righyy G:Mambo ya wanawake wachia wanawake

Ja South: Kwa hivo she belongs to the street that lady holding toto

Fredrick Kweyu: Have some respect bwana for women especially @karennyamunbo

wilson-sakwa: Boom kufunga na kufungua wata kuwa washa mu wash wash .... someone help linet away

benard cheryot:  hapa Kuna ukweli my friend. Take this advice seriously

James Mutinda: Take it or leave it, Robert has said as it is.

G eye joe:Linet is a grown up and I truly believe that she can make her own decisions. Let her he what she wants, furthermore where have you been all her life unamuambia what to do and not. You are not her parent or guardian

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