worlds most visited websites
worlds most visited websites

The top website visited by Kenyans with at least one million internet users is (How is this even possible?)

This is according to data collected by, which compares the world's most visited websites in every country (that isn't a search engine).

Kenyans spend more time on than anywhere else.


But comments from citizens don't seem to agree.

b@Bingo_Classic·This photo is misleading. I'm from Kenya and no one even cares about I didn't even know such a website exists.

But ranking worldwide, here is the list of the world's most visited websites:


1. Google

2. YouTube

3. Facebook

4. Twitter

5. Instagram

6. Baidu

7. Wikipedia

8. Yandex

9. Yahoo!

10. XVideos

Many people online disagreed with the ranking. Some of the comments are below;

@Dr__Sayan·Most Visible website in India is Wikipedia!! R u sane!! Nonsense data... Ppl nowadays hardly use Wikipedia, its a propaganda website nowadays

@jay_mhe2·There is Zimbabwe, with as their most visited website. . Shaaame

Hostinger also found out that Wikipedia takes the crown as the most visited website in 43 countries, showing the world seemingly has a deep thirst for knowledge.

Twitter took second place and Amazon third, proving their value as two of the most valuable sites on the web.

To find the most visited website in every country, hostinger pulled online ranking data from Open .Trends report, utilizing their “All Industries” section and specific popular categories such as “Newspapers,” “Banking,” “Apparel and Fashion,” and “Food and Beverages.” 

Hostinger excluded global dominant sites (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, and Google) and search engines (e.g., Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Naver, and Yandex) to level the playing field and discount middleman visits.

Hostinger also didn’t consider adult, betting, illegal streaming/downloading services, and malicious websites and removed the data entries if:

  • any data value was missing 
  • the Main Traffic Source was Social, Referral, or Paid 
  • Year-Over-Year and Month-Over-Month figures were unrealistic (i.e., both more than 200%, or YOY more than 400%)

Finally, hostinger filtered the data to discover the top website visited in each country with at least 1 million internet users.

Hostinger found the top websites overall and the top site per specific category before displaying our results in a series of world and continent maps.

The data was collected in June 2022. Check out the infographic below;

most visited websites africa
most visited websites africa

Burundi - Amazon

Cameroon - Wikipedia

Chad -

Egypt -

Ethiopia -


Ghana -

Ivory Coast -

Liberia -

Malawi -

Mali -

Mozambique -

Nigeria -

Rwanda -

Senegal -

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