Range Rover-owning Kenyan nurse mourns about being single

Cate is unhappy with her current relationship status, something she made sure she expressed online

The Kenyan nurse who is located in America has complained about being single
Catherine Kinyua, The Kenyan nurse who is located in America has complained about being single
Image: Instagram

It seems that being a strong, capable, independent woman hasn't been going quite the way a certain Kenyan woman called Catherine Kinyua living in Seattle, Washington expected.

The lady who goes by the names of Cate Mimmor on her Instagram handle has complained that she is tired of being alone.

Cate who appears to have it all together posted a cute photo of herself posing on what appears to be her Range Rover Velar.

Her in-photo caption spelt out her plight with the practising nurse sharing her deepest thoughts concerning the state of her life as a single woman.

"Doing things by myself, making decisions by myself, projects is all on me, lol im tired. My better half where are now?" she mourned.

Whether Cate is actually serious or was just joshing about is anyone's guess but, as expected, her post was met with a lot of attention by 'interested' suitors who took the opportunity to offer their services.

Cate meanwhile didn't seem to take the proposals seriously, with the light-skinned lady just putting up smiling emojis in response.

Check out some of the hilarious comments below;

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The Kenyan nurse has complained about being single
Catherine Kinyua. The Kenyan nurse has complained about being single
Image: Instagram

While Cate's post might be seen as a some light fun, there has been a clamour among strong, educated and high-achieving women about the dearth of equally matched suitors.

Many articles online have been dedicated to the issue with the bone  of contention being whether the men where at fault or were the women just too picky.

Either way, I believe it is always better to be single in a Range Rover Velar than when struggling to make ends meet.