MSCHF big red boots
Image: Twitter

Officially known as the Big red boots, the fashion has taken over the internet as the newest closet look.

Various fashion influencers and celebrities such as Lil Wayne, Lil Yachty, and Adam Sandler have made the oversized cartoonish-looking boots popular.

The big boots are the newest fashion must-have, or at least that is what most people are saying. 

MSCHF the creators of the boots, is a creative entity based in Brooklyn that produces a range of artwork. They describe their boots as "cartoon boots for a cool 3D world".


The idea behind these boots is that it is embracing the relationship between the virtual world and reality. 

They are made out of rubber, therefore, giving a smooth bouncy feel. 

The red boots currently stand at $ 350. Some might say it is ridiculous but for a fashion statement, some find the price just right. 


The MSCHF boots will be open for purchase to the public on February 16th.

People online are having mixed reactions towards the boots referring them to the famous cartoon characters Pac-Man and Astro Boy.

"You all have to get the Mickey Mouse gloves to match the big red boots," Nova Kane, a social media user remarked. 

Online reactions
Image: Twitter

WWE professional wrestler Seth Rollins on Monday stomped in with the MSCHF red boots for his fight, that is how much popular they are. 

As people are still wondering how one would style these boots, or better yet walk around with them, one outstanding social media user and photographer by the name of Jaadiee has impressed online users with the way he is styling the Pac-Man boots.

Jaadiee in the MSCHF boots
Image: Instagram

Even though most people are still trying to wrap their heads around the big boots as the newest fashion statement, others cannot wait to run the streets with them.    

Caution: the boots might get stuck to your feet, make sure to wear grip socks.

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