Facts you need to know about China Square

China Square Mall has been allowed to continue with its operations following its closure on February 27, 2023.

Through a statement released on Monday by the Kenya Chinese Chamber of Commerce, they said that several engagements with the Kenyan government have been made in order to allow China Square to continue operating in Kenya.

“The Kenya Chinese Chamber of Commerce welcomes the good news on the resumption of operations of China Square following several engagements between the Kenya Government and the Chinese Community in Kenya to find an amicable solution to the stalemate,” read the statement.

“The Chamber looks forward to an equal and fair treatment of all businesses across the board to ensure a conducive business environment for all and promote cordial relations based on mutual trust and benefit.”

It added that the Chamber will continue to foster collaboration between the two countries in promoting investments in Trade and Tourism between Kenya and China.

“We appreciate the Kenya Government’s support in allowing the Chinese community to do business and contribute to Kenya’s growth and development efforts through employment creation and contribution to Kenya’s tax revenue,” they said.

Last week, the retailer announced the closure of the facility citing, among other issues, the security challenge.

"We, China Square Limited, regret to inform you that we will continue to close down for further notice," read the statement.

The outlet also listed other issues that necessitated the indefinite closure which included a shortage of tills and misleading statements on its operations.

"Some of the statements on the internet have been misleading people, and some customers have overrated our services which have created unrealistic expectations," the statement read in part. 

On the issue of safety, owner Lei Cheng alias Charlie said that they will look at increasing security personnel to handle the high traffic of customers. 

He added that they were working on resolving the issue of tills so as to ensure that customer queues are not long upon re-opening.